This sensorial duo brings together HandPan performer yuki and ambient artist dai takahashi(a.k.a. rAw).

They started to play together at the event Dance of Shiva in India in 2016.
They based in Japan, and perform in Japan and abroad. 

The warm, luscious tones of yuki’s HandPan and rAw’s string-based cinematic, ambient electronica weave together to evoke the sounds of the natural world and the infinite cosmos.

​Yuki Koshimoto

Yuki is originally from Japan, started to lean piano when she was child.
She left music for a while, but Inspired by a busker whom She met in London, she started to play handspan in 2011.

She performed Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Austria, Nederland by solo and with street musician (Didgeridoo player, perccusionist), and playing music with them made her learn a lot.

Also, her video on youtube is spread over the world, the view is over 10 million.

Dai Takahashi

Japanese Guitarist, ambient music composer in solo project. He also play at psychedelic techno rock band named “JIVATMAN”.

When he lived in USA in childhood, influenced by 70’s music, soul, disco, psychedelic rock, funk, pops, jazz, blues etc. When he was teenager in Japan, started guitar and influenced by 80’s music, progressive rock, new wave, experimental music, tribal, world music, ambient, electro, jazz etc. In the 90’s-2000, he go into many kind of electronica music, techno, house, psychedelic techno, noise, deep ambient, experimental jazz etc.

2000-2004: electronica band ”OQTO” 

2004 deep ambient solo project as rAw released ”Raw.ep” 

2004-2008 experimental deep ambient project with DJ sinX ”Samskara”

2004-2007 improvisation psychedelic band “Si(g)N”

2009 yoga project released ”feel yoga” 

2009-2018 psychedelic techno rock band “JIVATMAN” relreased ”die and go”2011

2016-2018 Ma∞m